Hariv is one of those artists that once you see her, you know she means business. She got the goods also. Goods as in good raps and verses. We managed to get some time with her and this is what we talked about, enjoy it.

Korean translation done by Kim Soo-Yeon.

Birth name and country of origin?
Lee Ha Rin / South Korea
이하린 / 한국

How did you get your rap name?
It comes from my actual name.
저의 이름으로 지었습니다.

How long have you been rapping?
About a year.
1년 정도.

Describe your style of rapping.
I tend to rap with a lot of content in my lyrics.
내용을 꽉 채워서 랩을 하는 편입니다.

What inspires you to write raps?
I get inspiration from listening to many rappers' music or ballad songs and watching dramas.
많은 래퍼분들의 음악과 발라드를 듣거나 드라마를 보면서 영감을 얻는다.

Are you part of a crew, if so what is the name of your crew?
I am not part of a crew.

What year and month were you born?
April 1996

Do you have any siblings?
I have an older brother.
오빠 한 명 있습니다.

Are you single or dating someone right now?
I am unmarried.

What is your favorite Korean meal?
There are too many to mention
너무 많아서 꼽을 수 없습니다.

What rappers do you look up to?
Beenzino, Zico, Migos, J.Cole
빈지노, 지코, Migos, J.cole 등

Have you ever been drunk and woke up not knowing where you are?

What are your Facebook/Instagram/Twitter links

Are you working on new music?
Yes I am working hard on it.
네~열심히 하고 있습니다.

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