The year 2017 has given us a string of new Korean Female Rappers . It was a great year but 2018 seems to be even an greater year. We co...


The year 2017 has given us a string of new Korean Female Rappers. It was a great year but 2018 seems to be even an greater year. We combed through the batch of new and promising new talent that has come to the fore. Below is a rundown of talented artists we think you should look out for. These girls got the talent to make 2018 even a greater year. 


Greg K is one of the most underrated new artists in Korean underground hip hop. After she was noticed on Youtube for her song dissing Korea's former president, she has released lit tracks such as "몇백의 밤(Hundreds of Nights)" and "계집애(Girl)". Greg K was also featured on "보통래퍼 Season 3" which was a rap competition held by Mountain Dew. Her latest track, "CrazyDog", got us certain that she has potential to become a rap monster devouring the year of 2018. - Soo Yeon Kim


Needless to say, Mato is one of the most talented artists out there. She sounds comfortable on her tracks and has a good control of the mic. Her rapping style goes well with trap beats, and she also does well with melodic R&B style songs. 2017 has been a prolific year for Mato, and we hope 2018 will be as well. - Soo Yeon Kim


Deborah's mixtape "Inside Out" was like a surprise gift box to us. Her peculiar tone, along with her clear delivery, marks her out from most of her counterparts. While we were tracing her back to her earliest released track "매일 밤늦게(Late Every Night)", she recently hit us with "Loved Less". We expect a lot from her this year. - Soo Yeon Kim


Kim Hye Jung decorated the start of the first season of "School Rapper" with her song "You'll be the Best". Her low voice, as well as her short hair, gives her a boyish impression. She has released many songs in 2017 and collaborated with many promising artists such as Greg K, Hermes, and TYGY.
Kim Hye Jung has applied again for "School Rapper 2", and we hope that this would raise her up on another level of popularity. - Soo Yeon Kim


D.Luna made appearance in "School Rapper" and has applied for "School Rapper 2" this year as well. She recently started uploading her songs on Soundcloud, which show her great talent and potential abilities. We will continue to keep a close eye on her for new tracks, and we strongly recommend that you do, too. - Soo Yeon Kim


Divine-J a.k.a. WrttenbyKwak is a music producer as well as a rapper. She had made persistent efforts to tell stories through her songs, which turned out to be successful. She completed her latest mixtape "원고지(ANALOG)" all by herself; she did everything from writing lyrics and rapping to producing and mixing. What stories would Divine-J tell us this year? - Soo Yeon Kim


The year 2017 has been a real breakout year for Zephyr. She managed to drop enough tracks to grab the attention of listeners all over the world, getting praise from people from as far as eastern Europe. She has a very confident delivery on her songs and really commands attention with her voice. Her ear for choosing great beats to rap over is second to none. A real down to earth person Zephyr is one of the most intelligent and witty rappers that we have ever met. She truly is someone to look out for. This year we expect many more tracks from her and also making a bigger impact with her music. - Ferd Isaacs



Asol had a great year in 2017. She clearly went to the top of her game going real far in Show Me The Money 6. She beat other more established male and female rappers to take it real far. She didn't actually release any new songs but we are hoping that she will drop more songs this year.- Ferd Isaacs


Formerly known as Black Magazine, Shin Yujin still kills shit on a regular basis. A very reclusive rapper in a sense that she does not respond to requests for interviews. She has great potential to take it far in the music industry and we expect to hear more fire and fury tracks from her. - Ferd Isaacs