Wednesday 3 January 2018


Late last year we just so happened to stumble on a video/audition tape for the second installment of High School Rapper. We liked it and we sat around contemplating for 2 minutes if we should send D.Luna an email requesting an interview. We succeeded. Ferd Isaacs, assisted by Soo-Yeon Kim  got to speak to her. Happy New Year!

Who are you and where in South Korea are you from? 
Hello, my name is D.Luna who is doing Rap and R&B. I live in Seoul, Korea.

How did you get your rap name?
My real name is Kim Dabin. My nickname was Dabini so I performed under the name of Nibida, I was then nicknamed "upside down". Later I suddenly thought one day that I wanted to be a bright person like the moon. So I put my name and Luna together, which personified the moon which led me to the name "D.Luna".

How long have you been rapping?
I started rapping from February of this year.

Describe your style of rapping.
I don't think I have any definite style of rap yet. It could be my style to never write a lie in my rap lyrics. And these days, I seem to write a lot of lyrics to a philosophical theme. I really don't like philosophy, but somehow the lyrics have become philosophical. ha...ha... But that's what I've always thought.

What inspires you to write raps?
Maybe that's my school friends. I go to a music high school, I have many friends who are in the same grade as me. So my friends have similar worries and usually talk to each other at school and help each other a lot. Even musically.


Are you part of a crew, if so what is the name of your crew?
We don't have a crew yet. There was a crew not long ago. But I felt my ability was not sufficient and I decided I would try again when I have progressed.

What year and month were you born?
I was born on February 12, 2001, when it was snowing heavily.

Do you have any siblings?
There isn't. I'm the only child. So I have my parents love to myself. lol.

What is your favorite Korean meal?
I am Korean but I prefer Japanese food to Korean food. I like raw fish and sushi very much.

What rappers do you look up to?
I respect Korean rappers, Jessi and CL, and foreign rappers, Angel Haze and 070 Shake.

Have you ever been drunk and woke up not knowing where you are?
I'm a minor so I can't drink......

What are your Facebook/Instagram/Twitter links?

Follow me!


Are you working on new music?
Yes! I have a lot of rap music but I don't have any in the Soundcloud. So I'm preparing this time.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
Maybe I will become the best female rapper in Korea!

What motivated you to enter High School Rapper 2?
Actually, I was in High School Rapper 1. lol. And I would rap for the first time, and I wouldn't get good results. Then, I tried hard to get good grades this time. Please cheer for me, everyone!

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