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Mel.K hails from the city of Seoul, we first got wind of her through Real Meee. 
The two of them have a track together. 
We liked what we heard and we wanted to hear more and to learn more about the MC they call Mel.K. 
Our curator Ferd Isaacs went to investigate ...

Who are you and where in South Korea are you from?

I'm Minji but I go by my rap name, Mel.K. and I'm from Seoul, South Korea.

Describe to us your style of rapping.

My rap style for the most part is a blend of powerful and smooth. It's hard to describe in just a few words because I have various styles I use when I rap. I try to feel and understand the beat and make a song that shows what Im really feeling.


What inspires you to make songs?

Peoples interest in my music is a big motivation for me and its what I think about when I make songs. 

Do you eat bread and what are your favorite food to eat on weekends?

I don't usually eat bread but I like hamburgers. My favorite food is chicken feet. Its funny because in Korea, most rappers love to eat chicken feet, especially in Hongdae! Lol!


What is the name of your crew?

My crew's name is KillinFlowCompany.​ For brevity people call us KFC  because they tell us it's easy to remember​. My crew members include; Flo'back (leader and beatmaker and rapper), E.stun (rapper), YaCha (rapper) and myself, Mel.K (rapper and singer) the only woman in the crew.

Have you ever spent more than 150,000 Won ($150) on sneakers?

Yes, I have. I like Nike and Adidas, but I only spend that kind of money when I find a really cool design. 

What rappers do you look up to?

I look up to T(Yoon Mi Rae), another female Korean rapper. I think she's the best rapper in Korea, no question. She can sing and rap well. I have so much respect for that and I'm gonna be like her in the not so distant future.

Have you ​ever been drunk and woke up not knowing where you are?

Lol, No, Not at all.


What are your Facebook/Instagram/Twitter links?

Facebook : 

Instagram : 

Soundcloud : 

Are you working on new music?

Yes, I'm currently working on songs that feature trendy, trap, and boom bap styles. I hope you guys like my new songs.

Any plans for your future in Rap/Hip-Hop?

I'm ready to release my mixtape this year and I want to participate in all kinds of competitions and performances here in Korea. I think both will be good for my career.

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