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At this very  moment as we speak Swervy is the most unusual rapper out on the Korean Peninsula! She is however despite the quirkiness the most down to earth person you would ever meet. Our crazy Curator Ferd got some words from her  ...

Where are you from?
Im from Seoul, South Korea.

How did you get your rap name?
I just somehow came up with it, and mostly cos I swerve everybody.


How long have you been rapping? 

About 3-4 years.

What made you start rapping?
I just sort of had to do it, I wanted to make art out of whatever I had in mind and by the time it was music, specifically rapping for me. And it has been keeping me up since.

Describe your style of rapping?
I don't know, I do whatever I feel like so I guess independence and freedom of speech?

Tell us about your crew, how you met and how long you have been together?
I love each and every members of my familia. But I'd rather not comment on this.

Talk to us about your new music video?
It's sum bomb stuff, watch it. no like seriously, watch that shit it's good.

What motivates you to do this Hip-Hop thing: Doing all the songs and videos.
Me. I motivate myself. The people around me and each and every one of their special vibes motivates me.

Who are your favorite producers? 
I honestly can't comment on this because I just have too much of them. I can't really pick one, but every one of our team Yaya producers are very talented, and I love them all.

Are you working on new music?  


In the music industry who do you look up to?
Like I said, I get motivated from myself and the environment around me, so goes for this question.

What are your Facebook/Instagram/Twitter links?

Any plans for your future in Rap/Hip-Hop?
 I'll just have to be keep pushing, cuz thats what we all do. I have a lot of stuff planning to be done and my team as well. Please stay tuned for us.

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