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A few weeks ago Ready dropped a FIRE single out of nowhere called "Ready 2 Die" featuring Winnie on the last verse. We managed to track Ready down and now here is the interview. Enjoy! 
- Ferd Isaacs

Where in Korea are you from?
 I'm from Yongin, which is about an hour from Seoul.

How did you get your rap name?
 I feel like I'm ready. That's why I name myself Ready.

What made you start rapping?
 I started out as a dancer. So, naturally I was close to Hip-Hop and that's how my interest in rap   
 began. At the beginning it was just an interest and it felt too overwhelming. But as the time passed I  
 became more and more interested and decided to start rapping.

How long have you been rapping? 
 I started about two years ago. But at the beginning it was more of a hobby. It's been about a year  
 since I started taking it seriously.

What inspires you to write lyrics and be creative? 
 Everything around me inspires me from my daily life to trivial things such as my accessories.


Who produced your song Ready 2 Die?
 The beat was created by another Hip-Hop artist Nodo. The recording and mixing was done by Nodo
  and me.

Are you currently signed to any label?
 I can't get into detail but I am currently speaking to a few labels.


Describe your style of rapping 
 Umm...To be honest I don't know. I think its up to the listeners to decide that.

What is your date of birth? 
 June 20, 1995.
What is your Facebook/Instagram/twitter?
 Instagram ID is 'kimdahee717'.

Who are your favorite rappers/singers/musicians?
 It changes. But at the moment it's Troye Sivan. His lyrics are honest and full of emotions.


Who are your favorite producers?
 Dean. Before his debut as an artist he used to work as a producer under the name of Deanfluenza.
 His music tends to be very trendy and the genre that he works in, 'Future R&B' doesn't really exist. 
 I really like it. I'm a big fan.

What are your plans for the future? 
 In Korea there aren't many active female rappers. I want to have active career and be one of rappers  
 to pave the way for future females artists. And I want to hone my skills as a stage performer. I think  
 performance is very important to artist.

Are you working on new music?
 I am working on a new music everyday. When I feel it's ready you'll definitely hear it.

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