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This week we meet up with iLLA. She just dropped her dope video for her new single and is one of the most talented promising rappers coming from the Korean peninsula. She can rap, sing and dance. And is also a K-pop trainee... - Ferd Isaacs

Where in Korea are you from?
I live in Seoul.

How did you get your rap name? 
iLLA was derived from the word "keun-il-na-da", meaning "it's a disaster". It also has a positive connotation to it, representing innovative changes. I wanted to communicate my desire and passion in music through my rap name
What made you want to start rapping?
I used to love listening to the radio when I was in middle school. One day, there was a teenage girl rapping over the phone on the radio, and I thought "I could do better than that."
Since then I'm continuing on my career as a rapper.
How long have you been rapping?  
It's been about 7 years. I moved to Seoul and started trainee life at age 17 and Im 24 now.


What inspires you to write lyrics and be creative?  
A lot of things inspires me. Songs by other musicians, movies, TV shows, and my experiences does too. 붙잡고있어 in my recent mini-album reflects my emotions after a breakup. It was hard to vent out to a friend or a family because I knew they were already worried. Writing lyrics and songs help me let out my thoughts and communicate with the people who went through the same hardship.
Describe your style of rapping  
As mentioned above, a lot of my songs portray my experience. I try to send out positive energy and be honest about my feelings by focusing on the characteristics of each song.

What is your date of birth?  

What is your Facebook/Instagram/twitter?
Who are your favorite rappers/singers/musicians  
Drake, Chance The Rapper, Kendrick Lamar, Jessie J, Tori Kelly and Jeremih.

Who are your favorite producers? 
I'm a big fan of Ilya Salmanzadeh and Max Martin's work. I believe it's important to satisfy both the people and the artist when composing music. These two artists are experts in finding that balance, and I use them as a benchmark to improve my skills.

What are your plans for the future?  
My goals have been around chasing happiness in life. Although people don't recognize me now, I still enjoy making music. I will continue on this path until people recognize and enjoy my music.
Tell us more about this music video you just released. 
Since the music video is made by another artist it's hard to say what the whole video tries to encompass. Since I put a lot of work into this song, it was a pleasure to work with a great artist that adds visual components to the work.
Are you working on new music?
I'm looking for new inspiration at this point. I'm visiting LA hoping that I can get inspired by new people and places.

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