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It's almost Show Me The Money 777 time and everybody and their mama is busy doing freestyle videos/entries on social media.
One of the hopeful contestants is Pak Yeri. Just looking at her social media accounts you can see she is pretty much the most talented female rapper we have ever come across! 

We reached out to her and this is what she had to say. 

Who are you and where are you from? 
My name is Abigail Pak or 박예리 (I go by Abby), and I am from Washington D.C, USA! I’m 14 years old and a rising freshman in High School this year! I love to rap, dance, compose, play different instruments and make films.

How did you get your rap name?
The name I go by under social media is, “pakyeri” which is my Korean name. Since most people call me Abby, I decided to go by that name, so that I can also represent my original name and always remember where I come from (my friends and family).


How long have you been rapping?
I actually started rapping recently, since this past March of 2018. I always hid myself when I practiced rap, because I didn’t want my parents or anyone to know, however when I posted my first rap video on social media, rapper Flowsik reposted it, and everyone saw it. At my school, calling yourself a rapper was considered to be cringeworthy, so I thought I’d be made fun of. To my surprise, I felt a lot more supported by my family and friends afterwards and I started going on from there. Although people from my school still make fun of me for working hard on music and call me a, “try hard,” I know that I have to work hard and “try hard” to be successful.

Describe your style of rapping.
I think my style of rapping can be diverse but I really enjoy making urban Lofi beats and writing meaningful lyrics (chill Hip Hop). I want to create a bridge between Korean and American music by using both languages in my song, and being inspired by diverse artists and their styles.


What inspires you to write raps?
The hardships that I go through and recover from, have always inspired me to write raps about them. It helps me to relieve my thoughts and let them out it a way anyone can listen and be inspired from.

Are you part of a crew, if so what is the name of your crew?
I am a solo artist, so I do not belong to a crew, however I love collabs! 

What year and month were you born?
I was born in March 2004 in Texas, USA.

Do you have any siblings?
I have two older sisters who are both in college.

Are you single or dating someone right now?
I am currently single. 


What is your favorite Korean meal?
I love anything spicy, but my absolute favorite Korean meal has to be 해물 순두부. (Spicy seafood tofu soup/stew)

What rappers do you look up to?
I really look up to Jessi, because she is confident, fierce and doesn’t let others discourage her. As a Korean girl, I always felt insecure because my skin wasn’t as white as K-pop idols, but when I watched Jessi as such a brave and uniquely passionate rapper on Unpretty Rapstar, I felt inspired to only want to be myself.

Have you ever been drunk and woke up not knowing where you are?
I’ve never been drunk, I am in Middle school! Hahaha!  


What are your Facebook/Instagram/Twitter links?
My Instagram is @pakyeri.

Are you working on new music?
I am currently writing lyrics for a new song, and I am always working on new instrumentals on my piano! 

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
In 5 years time, I hope to have graduated High School, and I want to have many more songs out. I hope to be performing for larger audiences such as at concerts or on broadcasted television. I hope to inspire as many people possible to be themselves. 

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